Case Study


Baker Audio Visual Delivers Consistent Quality to Microsoft

The global technology superpower is a loyal Baker client. Their company continually calls upon our expertise and experience to design and install cutting-edge audiovisual systems as well as provide on-going technical support at their corporate offices in multiple states across the nation, including Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia.

Using technology to aid in innovation and collaboration

To deliver the innovation they’re known for, Microsoft’s software architects, product managers and marketing staff need collaborative tools that can help them interact across their network. Our solution utilized interactive whiteboard technology which we customize and install in multiple meeting rooms for that very purpose. These “Smart” boards enable their employees to seamlessly communicate and collaborate across multiple locations around the world.

Creating high-tech solutions that enable high-impact presentations

In the case of this highly-automated demonstration space shown here, Baker Audio Visual programmers handled all of the complex back-end control programming. All the individual stations within the space are networked back to a central monitoring station where technicians can track room usage and offer remote support.

Instilling confidence by delivering solutions that exceed expectations

For Microsoft, they are looking for 100% confidence in the security and reliability of their systems. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team was worked with Microsoft to design systems and install systems on a secure network that are easy to maintain and possess all required network protections. Through a consultative process, we were able to deliver audiovisual technology and implement it into a variety of high-security network situations. Our dedication to innovating and delivering customized audiovisual solutions to fit their unique needs has enabled us to become a trusted Microsoft partner.