5 Questions

What are the goals?

needs analysis

What will we build?

scope of work/
big picture

How will
it fit?

holistic design

How will it work?


How will we build it?


As an audiovisual design consulting firm, Baker Audio Visual maintains a dedicated group of design engineers with a combined 200+ years of real world experience and whose in-depth knowledge of both emerging technologies and traditional audio/video systems is a point of pride.

Every project is assigned a carefully chosen design engineer who will remain with you throughout the entire duration of your job: from concept through the commissioning process.

A “needs analysis” meeting will be conducted, involving all client-stakeholders as well as all design/construction partners.

Following these meetings, Baker Audio Visual will develop a scope of work describing the best value and functionality that can be achieved for the desired budget.

The aesthetics, acoustics and other pivotal holistic design considerations are then deeply delved into followed by demonstrations, both in-person and detailed pre-visualized renderings of how these technologies would work and look.

Once the designs are finalized, detailed documentation is prepared for the benefit of the client stakeholders, trade partners and Baker Audio Visual installation engineers.