Case Study

Augusta University

Baker Helps One of the U.S. Oldest Medical Colleges Continue its Legacy

Let’s begin way back in 1828, yes, the year, when the Medical College of Georgia was founded. Now part of the Augusta University system, the 13th oldest medical school in the country, remains the state’s only public medical school. Today, it has become the leading provider of physicians in the state. Throughout their rich history, the institution built a legacy of educational and medical research excellence and, as a result, has seen 7 Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholars lead extraordinary research and development programs here. When they were looking to upgrade their audiovisual technology to continue to achieve academic excellence, they turned to Baker to lead the project.

Customizing a solution to deliver a heightened audiovisual experience

In order to keep pace with advances in medical science and continually support the needs of their students, the institution had approved an extensive renovation of their Gross Anatomy and Laboratory building as well as the construction of a new Education Commons building. The scope of requirements to equip both buildings with robust audiovisual capabilities required an incredibly involved design. In total, the design/build required AV systems and digital signage installed in over 25 study rooms, as well as multiple 300-seat lecture halls, 150-seat lecture halls, laboratories, and offices. The sheer scale and variety of the audiovisual selected for the institution made it an exciting project, but don’t just take our word for it.Take a video tour of the new facility here