Case Study

Hard Rock Hotel Cabo San Lucas

Baker Set to Amplify the Hard Rock Hotel Experience

Music is at the core of The Hard Rock brand, and its All-inclusive hotels take pride in embodying the spirit of rock-n-roll. It’s critical that the audiovisual the brand delivers to their guests enhance the atmosphere throughout the property and increases the value of every stay at their hotels. Hard Rock Hotels selected Baker in conjunction with Hill International to submit “a design with intent to build” project for the sound and audiovisual systems for the New Hard Rock Cabo project, set to open in 2017.

Designing solutions that will take the legacy of the Hard Rock into the future

The company decided to take a project approach their new project, which is allowing Baker AV to establish creative credibility with both the Hard Rock brand as well as the Mexico-based all-Inclusive developer behind the Cabo property. Our team is tasked with creating a winning design that takes both the vision of the developer and the standard of the Hard Rock brand into consideration. We are excited to use our expertise and experience to co-mingle these requirements and produce an innovative audiovisual design that will offer a one-of-a-kind audiovisual experience that helps establish the Cabo resort as an unforgettable destination.