Case Study

Satcom Direct Melbourne / Viera

Baker’s Innovative Attitude Attracts Aviation Communications Company

Formed in 1997, Satcom Direct launched with a mission to provide the aviation industry with the most cutting-edge communications technology. The innovative company saw the need for improved connectivity in both the cabin and the cockpit and responded by developing (now-patented) solutions to advance how aircraft is able to synchronize with the flight department. When designing their high-tech, modern corporate headquarters in Melbourne, they wanted an audiovisual company who shared their innovative spirit to create an audiovisual experience that matched the Satcom brand image and could be integrated throughout the building. Baker Audio Visual was tapped for the project.

Using high-impact displays to add value to the client experience

The centerpiece of the project was the Network Operations Center, which serves as the main hub of the two-story, 42,000 square foot headquarters. In addition to high-quality sound systems, the Baker team presented a big vision to Satcom, to install seven 75” displays in the space to continually deliver content that helps the company support and maintain their extensive client base. That vision is now the reality that employees and guests experience every day.

Integrating powerful solutions that enhance the brand at every touchpoint

In addition, the Baker team installed the latest and most innovative audiovisual technology available in 6 conference rooms, 2 marketing rooms, and one training room. Finally, over thirty 55” LED displays were installed throughout the common areas of headquarters. All of the advanced audiovisual systems throughout the building are operated and maintained through the use of custom touch panels.