Case Study

Lockton Companies

Baker’s Expertise Launches a Partnership with Lockton

Lockton is the world’s largest privately-owned insurance brokerage firm. Throughout their 50-year history, the company has made a commitment to their clients as well as themselves to provide unrivaled access to experts around the globe. They take pride in the ability of their affiliate offices and their Associates to present a consistent brand image and continually deliver results for their clients. They initially called on us in 2013 to provide AV design-build services for their new Atlanta offices.

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Collaborating to create efficiencies that support corporate expansion

The success of that project led to additional design-build assignments across the country. By working closely with Lockton’s facilities operation team, we were able to create a customized design/build an audiovisual solution that can be easily duplicated as the company grows and adds new offices. The solution was also designed so it can be retrofitted to work with upgrades to existing offices. We’ve used our solution to complete installations at multiple offices in Florida, North Carolina, and Minnesota, as well as to update the company headquarters in Kansas City.

Building customer loyalty by delivering consistent service and quality

Our commitment to collaboration paired with our ability to surpass expectations has secured us the position as the “go-to” audiovisual vendor for Lockton and helped us establish an on-going partnership with the company. Most recently, they engaged us to handle the complete design-build of their brand new Corporate HQ in Chicago.

In addition to audio visual implementation, Baker AV provides annual support contracts for 17 sites across 13 states with customized agreements to meet their unique needs.