5 Steps


proactive planning


the heavy lifting


quality assurance


ensuring usability


complete and useful

If the design process is finding the answers to a series of questions, the build process is turning those answers into verbs.

Audio visual used to be an afterthought, but it is now a critical component of all construction projects. Each job’s dedicated project manager makes sure A/V is being carefully considered by the whole design and construction team early in the process and helps coordinate crucial infrastructure items and to avoid costly change orders.

Baker Audio Visual’s project managers are nimble, efficient and easy to get along with. For each project, the PM will create a customized, detailed and constantly updated installation schedule to ensure the project team remains informed of the completion date.

We don’t believe a project is complete until the client has received full training and understands how to use their system. On many occasions, our project manager will be present at the first event(s) to support the client and ensure a successful transition.

Detailed documentation is provided at the end of each project that contains As-Built drawings, Owner Manuals, Control Code and Warranty Information.